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The StepFast Richmond Story

StepFast Richmond is a Health Ministry of the Far West End Seventh-day Adventist Church in partnership with other Richmond, Virginia area Seventh-day Adventist Churches. 


The StepFast Richmond website makes available information about upcoming events that are helpful to your lifestyle. We believe in a "ministry of healing" by which we can be more nearly made whole. Our concept of "whole" involves "the whole person": spiritual, physical, mental and social — as we cannot exist in isolation. We also emphasize the prevention of diseases through simple lifestyle patterns that permit God’s restorative powers to work more effectively on our behalf.


Our Health Ministry Program is based on the 8 laws of health:

  • Sunshine

  • Temperance

  • Exercise

  • Proper Diet

  • Fluid Intake (water)

  • Air (pure and fresh)

  • Sleep

  • Trust in Divine Care

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